Sunday, July 29, 2012

week 96_Feeling pretty Preg-O!

I've tried to avoid converting this to a baby blog - and will continue to do so (just in case you all are already as bombarded as I am by people around you having babies!), but let's face it folks --- that is most of what's going on with me these days.

In baby's room ~ I love the colors :)

So for week 96, why not record a few of the highlights of being pretty darn preggers in hot Taipei City in July?! Someday I will need my own notes to remember these details... and if 'mommy-brain' is as bad as I hear, I may be needing help with my memory sooner rather than later! It is one excruciatingly hot summer, and the heat is probably the #1 thing slowing me down at this point! Just 10 more weeks to go... but I think they will all be hot!

I've just recently reached the point of feeling big. I am starting to walk slower and more carefully, watching my breathing when I'm exerting myself, and stepping more cautiously onto the bus while holding the handrail. Some women do this throughout pregnancy, but it has taken the actual bump getting in my way at this point to truly slow me down! It's true that I can't see my feet when I look down anymore - unless I bend over my stomach to get a peek at them - and reaching my feet can be truly uncomfortable when I wish I could just tie the straps on those cute shoes! The local women have been telling me for months how "big" I am, and are always shocked to hear how far I still have to reach my due date! But by American standards, I feel like I've stayed on track pretty well. Luckily, I love my maternity wardrobe and so most of the time I just feel like the cute pregnant American lady. 

They say everyone loves a pregnant woman, and it seems to be true - I feel like I'm getting more attention these days, and people are so kind to me. 

Thankfully, my appetite has gone back to normal from about 5 months onward. Food is just as delicious as I remember it was pre-pregnancy, and it's amazing how I can be starving one minute and overly stuffed the next! I guess my stomach really is squished out of the way for baby at this point. Keeping my health in check, I've also started exercising with a fitness trainer twice weekly, and I am feeling great about it. It is tough work (especially with the equivalent of a 20 pound weight tied around my belly), but each session gets a little easier and it has definitely boosted my morale and energy level / helped me fall asleep faster two nights per week! 

We haven't loaded up on a ton of baby things, but mostly I am still trying to sort out what we will need and what is just fluff consumerism. Does baby really need a baby bathtub or will the sink or regular tub suffice? How many outfits, diapers, bibs, pacifiers, bottles, does one child need? It seems impossible to tell without baby in hand, but we are mostly sticking to the big staple items and I guess the rest we will have to figure out as we go! 

It's pretty fun to be so far along with baby now because he is active and it is as though we're spending time together every day. In the beginning I was not as emotionally invested in the little guy, but as time moves on and we grow together, he's 'really growing on me'! :) He kicks, turns, flips, and somersaults. Elbows, knees, head-buts, whatever! My little Olympian has become more and more active every day, and I generally look forward to it --- of course worrying a little any day when he is not practicing his moves as much. 

My in-laws have booked their flights and apartment for the big delivery, so I suppose I'm going to have to hold out until they get here! I'm secretly hoping I will get lucky though, and baby will arrive early! 

I've been feeling great these past couple of months, but now that I am reaching the grin and bear it phase - I am ready to have baby here in person asap! Hopefully we will squeeze in a few more preparations and adventures before 'hubby and me' become 'us three'! :)

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